Sales and Marketing software and process consulting for developer-facing, business to business SaaS companies. I can provide the expertise you need to help you sell more software to the right customers. Areas of focus include:

  • Pricing: Even the best product can be ruined by bad pricing. I can evaluate and improve everything from your pricing structure to your 3rd party service integrations.
  • Messaging: Knowing your buyer is paramount when selling to developers. I can help you get your marketing right.
  • Automation: Stop wasting time and energy. I'll help you automate everything from sales emails to behavioral tracking, and more.

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About Me

You might know me as "mrb" (pronounced 'em-are-bee'). I'm a Washington, DC area sales, marketing, and software consultant with more than 15 years experience as a professional technologist. In my career, I have (in order):

  • Written and taught through technology curricula for 5th through 8th and 9th through 12th grades at a renowned Brooklyn private school with a 1-to-1 laptop program.
  • Developed an application development product line at a managed IT services company where I taught myself web development, hired and trained local and off-shore teams, and sold directly to customers.
  • Jumped with both feet into a growing consumer product startup where I developed and ran internship programs, hired and managed developers, developed distributed image processing systems, and more.
  • Joined a bootstrapped developer tools company as the first employee, where I helped expand the product line, sold to hundreds of developers, built a developer community, ran marketing, helped quadruple revenue, saw through a seed and "A" round, and more.

My experiences as a teacher, software developer, small business owner, and startup veteran make me a perfect fit to help you. References and CV available upon request:


My writing can be found on my personal blog. I cover a wide range of topics there, from technology to music, art, and more. For an example of my style, start here with "How to sell Saas", "The most important question to ask about your SaaS business", and "Five failure modes for technical founders". For more, here are some of the popular articles I've written which are pertinent to my consulting work:

"Sales For Engineers, 1-50", "Should I read papers?", "Don't Bet Against Yourself", "Yeah, but what are you gonna make?", "You Are Learning Haskell Right Now (Or Anything You Want Really"), and Learning Math: A Blank Is A Blank With A Blank"


I'm an accomplished public speaker who can address a wide range of audiences on a number of topics in an engaging, entertaining, and educational manner. An archive of my talks is available on my personal blog. Here are some of my favorites:

"I'd like to introduce you to a few of my closest friends" CUSEC 2016 Keynote, Montreal
"Distributed Systems Archaeology" Ricon West 2013, San Francisco
"The Art of Obsession" !!Con 2014 Keynote, NYC
"To Know A Garbage Collector" GoRuCo 2013, NYC

If you'd like to book me to speak at your conference or company, please get in touch!



Twitter: @mrb_bk